iPhone 5 or iPhone 4LTE/Bigger Screen?

MoD has been suggesting over the last year that due to the massive scope of Apple’s current business especially iPhone and iPad that there’s no real way for Apple to keep the new designs under wraps completely for the product launch event. The supply chain is so long and only getting longer that there’s going to be a leak or two with hundreds of thousands of hardware kits and repair kits being built.

Once again, this leaky section has delivered images of the next iPhone.  9to5Mac is the source of the images and 9to5Mac lately has been doing a great job of getting “good” scoop and rumors about Apple hardware. In addition, the repair part source is the same one,iFixyouri, that accurately indicated to 9TO5Mac that iPad 2 would come in white back in 2011.

From 9TO5Mac the best image of a white  and black new iPhone, and the second image is of the front cover with a new screen size.


Several striking things about these repair parts.

1. The parts seem to be supporting the new 4inch tall iPhone display. Seeing it in a potential design, while I’m sure that I’ll appreciate the additional vertical room, I’m really wishing for some more horizontal room for browsing. I’m really interested in a 4.5 inch screen device.

2. Apple appears to be adding a metal band to the back of the case while still keeping two color options, white and black. While white looks good, the black design seems off with a gun metal grey back band instead of a silver metallic band. It just doesn’t look very good in this image at least not in comparison with the striking contrast of the white version. In addition, the repair supplier is indicating two other colors?

3. The new smaller dock connector is going to drive folks crazy, but it seems to allow for greatly increased speakers. With voice command being doubled down according to Tim Cook, increasing the speaker volume/clarity for Siri just makes sense.

4. Apple appears to have moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the device. Having a hard time coming up for a reason for that move other than shifting components around to create more battery room or a better configuration overall for more room in general.

5. It looks like the same overall design as the iPhone 4. For all the claims of a redesigned iPhone it looks like we’re getting the same overall design with a slightly bigger screen and reworked internal components and internal configuration. It’s not a new design but more like a reworked new model year than a true new car design. For that reason alone, MoD can definitely see these devices being called just the new iPhone. It’s like a new Porsche 911. It looks just like the old one. Unlike the iPad where Apple may have the perfect form, I think  there’s room for change with the iPhone.

6. It’s been suggested that these are “mules” for the real design. Assuming that the images are legit, they seem more refined and finished than mule devices.

7. Looking back in the past to the iPhone 4 launch leaks, it looks like repair sites got hold of actual front screen examples in late Februrary, 3 months before the June announcement of the iPhone 4 at WWDC. Based on that data as an example, the iPhone 4LTE/Bigger Screen is probably looking at a late August/early September release date and not October. If anything MoD could see Apple try and push up the US launch date as early as late July due to the iPhone 4’s lack of LTE ability will become a serious issue since AT&T and Verizon will have their sales staff pushing LTE devices exclusively. Once the US is launched, Apple could scale the rest of the launches as inventory builds up.

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