Could This Picture Resemble the iTV/Apple TV Display

The Apple TV Display is the second white whale that the Apple Rumor Web is tracking (mini iPad is the other one).

The rumor like most Apple rumors has been percolating for about 12 months with denials and confirmations from Wall Street analysts just about every week.

This week we got three interesting rumors about the actual white whale.

Rumor one comes from Cult of Mac. They claim that the device looks like a large Thunderbolt Display and has Siri like abilities for control. Cult of Mac indicates that the device will feature Airplay (kind of a given) and Facetime for living room video chat. And they are claiming that their source has actually seen the device which is a first. Usually the rumors have been total speculation, but now we have someone who has seen the white whale.

Rumor two comes via rumor China Daily by way of MacRumors. Apparently a Foxconn executive confirmed that Foxconn would be building the Apple TV Display and has begun preparations to build the elusive Apple TV Display. Now, the reliability of these rumors is pretty low. But lately rumors of partnerships between Foxconn and Sharp have been flying around as well. And the Chinese production pipeline is generally

Rumor three comes from Appleinsider. Appleinsider is claiming that Apple will purchase German TV manufacturer Loewe. Loewe makes a line up of high end flat panel TVs. Here are some sample images including a prototype clear TV that is very cool.

Looking at the first image it’s easy to see how Jonny Ive would be impressed by the minimalist design and sleek lines. The transparent prototype also looks like a TV design Apple would offer. And Jonny Ive and Steve Jobs have always acknowledged the influence of the design aesthetic of German electronics giant Braun. Loewe certainly seems to embody that philosophy in their TV designs. Loewe is involved in both advanced LCD and OLED design efforts, so the technical skills are there for future advanced TV designs.

So why would Apple buy Loewe? If Apple had been working with Loewe on the Apple TV it may have simply reach a point where the shared intellectual property is so advanced/unique that Apple wants to ensure full control over the developed technology. At this point, Loewe is denying it, but everyone always denies takeover rumors. It would be unusual for Apple to buy a hardware company with over 1000 employees and even more unusual for an Apple takeover to leak. Still the hardware designs are intriguing element to the rumor.

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