Waiting On The New MacBook Pro – Machine Dreams

MoD needs a new MacBook either an Air or a new MacBook Pro. Our old machine died and we’ve been using a backup computer for about 6 weeks. However, due to Intel’s delay on Ivy Bridge processors we’ve been forced to wait and wait on the new MacBook Pros. Without knowing the feature and price set of the new MacBook Pros versus MacBook Air, we’re paralyzed from making a purchase decision. In fact, we’re not even sure if Apple won’t just combine the two MacBook lineups into one product series distinguished by LCD size.

While waiting and hoping to see a news update that an Apple announcement has occurred, what would be my ideal new MacBook Pro?

Screen Size: 15 inch with a resolution higher than 1600 x 1200 (retina display is probably not realistic right now)

RAM : 4 GB at least (user upgradeable to 16 GB)

Storage: Solid State drive 128 or 256. Again user upgradeable as those drives drop in price in the future.

Graphics: Dedicated video card that supports 2 external monitors.

Processor: New Ivy Bridge Quad Core processor.

Weight: the 13 inch MacBook Air just under 3 lbs. The current 15 inch MacBook Pro is 5.6 lbs. So how about the split the difference on the new design. So 4.3 lbs.

Height: current MacBook Pro is .95 inches. MacBook Air is tapered and is .65 at the thickest point. So how about a MacBook Pro that is .65 throughout the whole design.

Thunderbolt Ports: 2 (one on each side). Dual channel Thunderbolt capability. 2 x 10 Gbps channels. Basically one for storage and one for video.

Flash Card Slot: Supports cards up to 256 GB

USB 3.0 capable ports: 2 (one one each side).

No DVD/CD drive

7 hour battery life

I’d buy it tomorrow if the price for a 4 GB RAM/128 GB Solid State HD/Base line processor was $1699

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