Apple March 2011 Quarter Numbers

So there were 3 numbers that MoD wanted to track from the just announced numbers

1. iPad ASP  2. iPhone Sales Volume 3. Mac Sales Volume.  How did Apple do?

1. iPad ASP was $558. This number is a little lower than MoD expected. But without Apple releasing a product mix it’s impossible to tell what is the true iPad “3” ASP. MoD will track this number down the line, and still thinks that an iPad (3) only ASP might be north of $699.

2. iPhone Sales Volume was 35 million. The pent up demand for iPhones in December 2011 Quarter and the lower numbers of Verizon and AT&T had some Wall Street Analysts scrambling. However, the international demand for the iPhone 4s continues to be very strong and Apple had barely introduced the device to their second Chinese carrier. The possible total market for the iPhone could be in the 200 million range by 2014. The only growth issue MoD can see this year is in the US where for both Verizon and AT&T by July/August timeframe the lack of LTE in the iPhone 4s will start to become a serious feature disadvantage.

3. Mac Sales Volume was 4 million. Analysts were projecting a number close to 4.3 million so on some level this was a miss by Apple. MoD suspected that the Mac number might be light. No upgraded products especially no upgraded MacBook Pros really hurt Mac Sales. If Apple can release the new laptops in May and upgrade the iMac and MacBook Air this quarter as well, there could be significant pent up demand for the new hardware. Mac Mini and Mac Pro future are also up in the air to a certain degree.

And finally it wasn’t announced on 4/24 but the following morning we now have the dates for WWDC 2012. It’s already sold out in under 2 hours (it took 12 hours last year), and will occur June 11 thru 15th.

iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion are sure to dominate the key note. Provided that the next gen iPhone is tied to the release of iOS 6, and that’s been Apple’s practice lately and that places the next gen iPhone launch window as August/September.

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