4/23 Random Thoughts

–  Apple is announcing their March 2012 Quarter numbers tomorrow, here are 3 significant numbers that MoD will be tracking:

1. Mac Laptop Numbers – This is purely anecdotal but I know of numerous (US based) individuals holding off purchases for the new MacBook Pros. If Mac growth numbers can be sustained in this new product free quarter, then the growth numbers for Q3/Q4 when the entire lineup should be upgraded (Ivy Bridge processors at the very least) could be significant.
2. iPad ASP – Again purely anecdotal but Apple stores in Chicago only inventory issues since launch have been the the 64GB Verizon LTE. The retina display iPad in conjunction with the vastly improved cellular data access could push the ASP higher with the obvious margin impact as well. Since Apple won’t break out sales by iPad versions, ASP is really the only indicator of product mix.
3. Like everyone the iPhone numbers are going to be fascinating to review. How many iPhones can Apple produce a month and what is the real global market for the iPhone? The Pros and Amateurs who track Apple’s earnings and iPhone numbers have a wide disparity in estimates ranging from 33 million to a high of 44 million.

– WWDC Announcement. Based on historical trends, in order for WWDC to hit the June timeframe previously suggested Apple has about 1 week to announce the event. WWDC is important because Apple should announce iOS 6 during the keynote. And iOS 6 release date will almost certainly be in the same time frame as the iPhone 5 launch. June WWDC could mean a August/September iPhone 5 whereas a July WWDC would mean a September/October release. So all iPhone launch speculation is in a holding pattern until we get a WWDC date.

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