What Apple Should Do For the Next iPhone Launch

So if Apple launches two sizes of iPad, does the other product juggernaut the iPhone also get two screen sizes?

If MoD was running Apple (and we’re all glad that we’re not), this summer/early fall when the new iPhone lineup is refreshed here’s what we would do.

1. iPhone 4s with Siri dropped to free with contract price. iPhone 4s is a very flexible device in terms of manufacturing margin and carrier support. MoD realizes that it’s year early for this kind of price drop, but it would be a bold move that would likely garner significant carrier support.

2. iPhone 5  with a 3.5 inch screen, completely redesigned with an LTE chip set like the iPad 3. Whole new form factor. Available with contract for $99. Why update the 3.5 inch form factor at all? First, LTE will be a huge issue moving forward in the US market, and will also provide a potential carrier in China Mobile on their TD-LTE network. Second, the updated chip set will also provide the fastest GSM 3G connections throughout Europe and Asia. The screen size 3.5 inch has proved incredibly popular, and redoing it can extend the life of that form factor

3. iPhone 5 with a 4 inch screen. New form factor with the new LTE chip set with enhanced 3G GSM support. This bigger form factor will appeal to a whole subset of users. It will answer the one clear feature advantage of Android and Windows Phone devices. It’s the future flagship phone for Apple for the next 2 years at least.

MoD imagines something like this, two new iPhones using the same form factor, iPhone equivalents of the 11/13 inch MacBook Airs.

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