More Questions After iPhone Event

Where is the text input mode for Siri?

Great point already brought up by Paul Miller at this is my next (old Engadget writers soon forming their new site ). This mode seems to be a natural addition for both the iPhone and iPad versions of Siri. The old version of Siri had a text input mode, so it would be odd if it’s disappeared with the new version.

Where is Siri for Macs?

This assistant feature looks incredibly powerful, and the natural next question is when does Apple release a Siri application for the Mac where the digital concierge feature could be even more important? Could we have to wait to see Siri for Mac until it’s fully integrated into the next version of OS X? Numerous blogs (Paul Miller again at this is my next ) have linked to this famous Apple video of the potential future of computing from the late 80s. It may now be close at hand.

Does Siri work on iPads?

We were not shown Siri for the iPad. The iPad2 has the A5 processor, so it would seem obvious to that an iPad version of Siri is out there. These kinds of voice commands could really expand the iPad’s use for a lot of customers.

What does Siri look like for education?

Siri looks like the worst nightmare for online education with the ability to grab answers for almost any type of question. But imagine instead a reversed Siri assistant that is providing a learning experience using the web, able to respond to questions and able to check answers. Free form education navigated by the learner.

Where were the announcements about a new Chinese carrier for the iPhone, isn’t Apple making a huge push into China?

Sprint was added as was a new Japanese carrier. This leaves China as the only major market with only one carrier for the iPhone. India has two GSM carriers but there are also two large CDMA Indian carriers expected to get the iPhone at some point.

So let’s review the major Chinese carriers and their cellular networks.

China Mobile – TD-SCDMA network- Chinese proprietary version of CDMA technology. Apple will probably have to build a unique separate version of the iPhone for China Mobile. Right now, unlocked unofficial iPhone customers use China Mobile’s older 2G EDGE network. China Mobile has over 600 million customers so there’s enough of a economic rationale to create a stand alone phone. In addition, China Mobile is planning a proprietary version of LTE, so Apple will have to create a unique 4g iPhone down the road as well. It’s probably early 2012 until Apple will have a China Mobile only iPhone ready.

China Telecom – another carrier using CDMA, but it is very similar to the CDMA standard used by Verizon/Sprint. Rumored to be close to signing a deal with Apple.

China Unicom – GSM network – Current vendor of the iPhone 3gs/4.  130 million customers. 4g LTE plans are unknown at this time.

What does the iPhone lineup tell us about the future of the iPad lineup when the iPad 3 is released?

That Apple, unlike with the original iPad which Apple stopped producing, is more than likely to keep the iPad 2 in production and lower the price. Apple instead won’ t ramp down iPad 2 production, it will now have a lower price offering while ramping up a production line for iPad 3.

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