Two Brand New iPhone Designs? Confusion Reigns

Ignoring the fact that Apple appears to have lost another prototype iPhone in a bar, Apple otherwise has done an excellent job locking down the details of next iPhone. Sure there are parts showing up left and right alleged to be for the iPhone 5 but they do nothing to really indicate the overall design, and a part related to the LCD size has yet to show up.

As MoD has been tracking, there’s confusion all over the Mac rumor following world as to what the new iPhone 5 will entail.

Highlighting that confusion is a great post by 9 to 5 Mac. It started with a number of Mac web sites ran with the story that the icon in the newest iPhoto/Photostream beta doesn’t really look like a current iPhone. Here’s the blown up image from Macrumors.

As you can see the blown up image does not resemble the current iPhone and seems more in line with the previous specs reported by MacRumors. Now it’s just an image icon in a piece of beta software but it’s the kind of detail that would obsessively be updated for iCloud/Photo Stream, but then forgotten about when released for beta testing.

So the icon places up back to the iPhone 4s (cheaper version) and new big screen iPhone 5 flagship device.

However, 9 to Mac analyzing the icon image like it’s the Zapruder film comes up with new iPhone designs. Their blown up rendering of the icon leads to this design

A 3.7 inch iPhone that is actually smaller than the current design and would represent a new class of iPhone not a re-engineered cheaper iPhone 4. HUH? Okay so Apple is releasing a new iPhone 5 that’s smaller than the iPhone 4 but has a bigger screen? An iPhone Nano? Not satisfied with that new rumor, 9to5 quotes a sources as saying “One was called the ‘upgraded one, the iPhone 5’ and the other, ‘a new smaller one’.” Working off that rumor 9to5 posts their image of a big screen iPhone 5 with a 4 inch or greater screen. Either way my current iPhone 4 is suffering from screen size envy.

To end the confusing portion of this post, M.I.C Gadget posts a huge gallery of iPhone 5 cases from China.
Now the case manufacturers could have it all wrong, and may have to eat a huge selection of cheap plastic cases, but the sheer variety and number of cases certainly lends some credence to the manufacturer’s confidence in their stolen design specs. This image probably does the best job of showing the tapered look of the alleged new iPhone design

Any MoD readers feel like ordering a couple of thousand bootleg iPhone 5 cases, world marketing website has a bunch of them. Here are my favorites

  1. September 15th, 2011

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