iPhone 5 is iPhone 4+?

There’s more and more iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 parts appearing at various repair sites, so it’s causing another round of interpretation of what exactly the iPhone 5 will be.

All summer long MoD has maintained that the rumors sites are being confused by two separate iPhones the cheaper 4s and the brand new design flagship big screen iPhone 5.

Now MacRumors is trying to say that the iPhone 5 will be a reworked iPhone 4 again, the iPhone 4+. This is based mainly off the fact that this reworked iPhone 4 model appears to have the A5 chip. I’m not sure based on that fact alone that I’d make the leap towards a rehashed iPhone 4+.

Digitimes also has restated rumors of the iPhone 5 having a smaller than 4 inch screen. However, along with that rumor they are still stating that the new iPhone will be thinner. It’s almost like the dual new iPhones being prepared have created a game of telephone for the rumor sites where they keep getting details mixed up and confused.

While having no knowledge of Apple’s plans, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

If Apple is planning on releasing a free with contract iPhone 4s (8GB of memory, available unlocked for $350/400 range) which will obviously use the iPhone 4 form factor, how will Apple be able to sell an upgraded iPhone 4+ for $199?

If Apple is simply updating the iPhone 4, then why was there a 3 month perceived delay in release? If Apple is taking the iPhone 4 to the low end, then you have to have a different product for the high end. And it cannot be reliant on a chipset difference or improved camera, Apple has done a great job making sure customers don’t care about such specifics.  Retina Display could possibly be a difference maker but a lower resolution screen would really cheapen and devalue the iPhone 4s. Removing it weakens the low end iPhone 4 considerably. No, Apple is reducing the costs of the iPhone 4 in terms of production (easier to assemble) and some materials (plastic back perhaps not the now famous Gorilla Glass). And perhaps be willing to accept a lower margin (although many of the R/D  and other introduction costs of the device are already paid off) on the iPhone 4S. While launching on all 4 US carrier and new Chinese carriers, Apple needs a new the flagship iPhone 5 design that could last into next year when upgraded with a 4 core processor and LTE (the real 4g network protocol) upgrades. The screen size is the giveaway. The Apple 3.5 inch screen will work great on a lower cost device, but the flagship phone needs a 4 inch screen to be ultra competitive against the flood of big screen Android, Win Phone 7 and Nokia FinWin 7 phones coming out this fall.

  1. January 29th, 2012

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