Best iPhone 5 Mockup to Date and Nano Watch News

Major props to for creating the best iPhone 5 mockup to date by taking the dimensions from recent plastic cases alleged to be for the iPhone 5 and having a professional design firm create a design that matched those specs.

Here’s what was able to publish

It’s a great looking mockup. If the new iPhone looks like this with a big 4 inch screen and a new home button area that provides for additional multi-touch navigational options with a new thinner design Apple could have a huge winner. iPhone Air does sound like a great name for product. The design looks entirely plausible from the tapering top to bottom to the return to a metal back. The only element that looks off is that there is not the same amount of space above the screen as there is below. That lack of symmetry just seems off in an Apple design. Other than that element which comes from the design specs that were leaked, MoD has a huge dilemma White or Black, both look awesome.

Now back in January, MoD made a series of predictions for Apple’s 2011 (some hits and some serious misses), but one of the unresolved issues is “iPod Nano gets a huge update and gets a new name iWatch. iWatch resembles the Nano, but with a number of features.” Now we are seeing stories/rumors suggesting that iPod Nano will receive low power Bluetooth capability (built into recent Macs) and that this feature will be added to the new iOS devices this fall. The iPad Nano with Bluetooth capability and applications utilizing that wireless connection could be an awesome “watch” with data streams and feeds. The number of watch bands for the Nano has increased since the launch. iWatchz in particular has some great watchbands for the Nano. There’s no real rumors on this, but with nearly 2oo million iOS devices out there that could be synced to iPad Nano devices, Apple has a huge opportunity to break new ground on wearable data devices.

  1. September 1st, 2011

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