Case Makers Strike Again?

So is the cat finally out of the bag? Or whatever cliche is appropriate for molded plastic giving away what the iPhone 5 looks like.

All summer MoD has been tracking the various rumors surrounding the next iPhone and it’s been a difficult chase due to a swarm of confusing and often contradictory rumors.

To recap, there have been two distinct set of rumors.

1. A redesigned iPhone with a bigger screen and tapered back.

2. Same design with upgraded internal components.

Now, just two weeks ago, MoD was talking about how Apple seemed to have sealed the leaks to the Chinese case makers and that the overall design of the iPhone was still in doubt. Time was flying towards a late August/Early September Apple event followed by a massive frenzy of iPhone 5 sales in September. However, the case makers appear to have struck again.

The biggest evidence hit the technology blogs today, broke the story and the images are from their website. 9to5mac has an impressive gallery, but here are the two most revealing images from the Ministry’s perspective.

The first image shows a wider and taller iPhone. Based on 9tomac’s data on a case comparison, almost a .5 inch wider and .5 inch taller. This would seem to indicate a 4 inch or larger iPhone screen. The second image shows that the new iPhone 5 is tapered to be thinner at the bottom and overall it’s significantly thinner. If these cases are right, the rumor award would appear to go to Josh Topolsky at This is My Next who back in April put out this image.

So that potentially puts to rest what the iPhone 5 will be, and it could be a killer new device especially in the US on all 4 carriers.

That still leaves out there the rumors of a cheaper iPhone and what it might be? The only signs on that have been some dubious images from Vietnam (again), website The same Vietnamese website that had iPhone 4 images before the whole prototype left in a bar fiasco. The images show an iPhone 4 with cheaper plastic rear and front surfaces. Apple could have redesigned the iPhone 4 with new construction components to significantly reduce the price. Now it could simply be a mod kit for the existing iPhone, but as MacRumors stated in their article on the images, has had several big scoops in the past. And a modified iPhone 4 would explain some of the rumors about the next iPhone being just a reworked iPhone 4. This cheaper iPhone 4 could be a huge weapon outside the US particularly in China, again if Apple adds more carriers.

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