The Nightmare Apple Fall Lineup

Well the iPad HD/2.5/3 rumors just won’t die, and the iPhone 4s vs redesigned iPhone 5 (thinner, lighter, no word on screen size though)  rumors also are not going anywhere.   Sprint iPhones? T-Mobile iPhones?

New MacBook Airs with improved faster SSD drives are mere weeks away as is OS X Lion. And nobody has any clue what’s going on with the iPod Touch’s future.

So what would a nightmare fall lineup look like from Apple for the rest of the consumer electronics industry? (not going to include any Mac Minis or Mac Pros as they are still very much niche products)

  • Macbook Air 11 inch starting at $899 with 64GB SSD/4 GB RAM – w/ Intel Sandy Bridge chip and on Thunderbolt
  • Macbook Air 13 inch starting at $1099 with 128GB SSD/4 GB RAM see above
  • Macbook White starting at 799 with Intel Sandy Bridge chip and Thunderbolt
  • iPad HD/3/2.5 with retina screen at $599
  • iPad 2 at $399
  • iPhone 4 on all 4 US carriers starting at $0 for 4 GB version
  • iPhone 5 (bigger screen, thinner, lighter) on all 4 US carriers for $199
  • iPhone 5 LTE/CDMA for Verizon for $249
  • iPhone 5 WiMAX/CDMA for Sprint for $249
  • iPod Touch 5 (using the same big screen as the iPhone) for $299
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