iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup – 3 new rumors

At this rate, it’s going to be a very long 4+ months until Apple removes the veil of secrecy off the currently named iPhone 5. Rumor mongering on the device is just crazy.

Last 4 days alone have generated 3 interesting rumors from 3 varied sources (two of which have strong contacts and track records).

Rumor 1: BGR is reporting that Apple is testing a version of the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile’s network. They have images on their site of an iPhone 4 (current design) using the T-Mobile network. This device would have access to all GSM 3g networks including T-Mobile’s new network which they are marketing as 4G. It would be a true worldwide GSM phone. Could Apple release the iPhone 5 to T-Mobile? AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile might take two years and a huge regulatory fight, but Apple might decide to jump the gun and offer the iPhone. With AT&T’s exclusivity over there’s no real obstruction from offering the iPhone 4 to T-Mobile, and Apple could offer it as a “4G” device. This T-Mobile test phone could be similar to the iPhone 4s with new processors (the iPad A5) rumored to have been given to gaming developers in preparation for the new iPhone.

Rumor 2: The iPhone 5 is going to have a brand redesigned form factor. Former Engadget editor Josh Topolsky, last week published a story on his temporary site (he’s left Engadget after AOL bought that site, and starting up a new site) about the iPhone 5 having a completely different form factor. It’s easier to just publish their mockup

First, MoD would love for this to be the true, it’s a great looking design. It looks a lot like the current iPod Touch to the point that you wonder perhaps if this is the new iPod Touch. It looks too thin and too top heavy to be a reasonable iPhone design. In addition, it looks like the button area is now a swipe area for gestures. Still, it looks great even if other rumor sites are downplaying this design change completely.

Rumor 3: M.I.C Gadget which I must admit is a new Rumor site in terms of breaking news, appears to have images of the new white iPhone 5 with a bigger screen. Here are the images from the site.


So the first image which may or may not be Photoshopped shows what appearas to be the current iPhone 4 design except with a larger screen, however if you look closely at the image the edge of the phone appears to be curved instead of the current iPhone 4’s straight edge. The second image provides some perspective on the increase in screen size in the same size form factor.

So what to make of all this noise when numerous other sites are claiming no change at all to the iPhone 4 except for internal components?  And what’s happened to the cheaper smaller iPhone Nano rumor?

MoD is still betting on a bigger screen iPhone being released in September with improved processors (A5) and if possible a unified CDMA/GMS device so Apple can sell streamline iPhone inventory and sales. The cheaper iPhone 4 may simply be the current iPhone 4 at a reduced price (AT&T has had a lot of success with $49 iPhone 3GS, imagine a $49 iPhone 4). The T-Mobile rumor makes too much sense, you have to think Apple is considering releasing the iPhone on T-Mobile once they have a phone that has zero impact on their supply chain and terms can be negotiated.

  1. April 26th, 2011

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