The Alleged iPhone 5 “Delay”

In most conventions of the English language, in order for something to be delayed, there has to first be a scheduled date or time that is missed. However, the iPhone 5 has created a new sense of the word delay. Apple hasn’t missed the scheduled release date of a product, instead the iPhone 5 is delayed because it is not launching when all the tech media thought it was going to launch.

From a certain perspective, one could blame Apple for creating this use of delay by establishing a pattern the last 4 years of releasing a new iPhone during the summer, usually in July. Apple appears to be deviating from this course, so a delay for a product without a release date has been crowned.

So why the “delay” until early September. MoD does not think there’s a chance in hell that Apple will go into the biggest retail shopping season of the year without a new iPhone so September is the latest launch month unless there’s an actual delay.

Only 3 reasons make real sense for Apple shifting the launch date of the new phone about 6 weeks (mid July to early September).

1. New hardware needs iOS 5 for some reason, and iOS 5 isn’t going to be ready until September. Due to the release of OS X Lion targeted for this summer, Apple’s OS QA resources simply are tapped out. Or iOS 5 is going to deliver a significant rewrite/upgrade to core parts of the OS that it’s needed additional time for development. Two potential examples are a revamped notification system and/or system wide voice recognition based off the Siri application acquisition.

2. iOS 5 needs the new North Carolina Data Center to be up and running and the new hardware needs iOS 5. iOS 5 could bring a host of cloud centric features that are dependent upon Apple’s new data center.

3. Unrelated to iOS 5, iPhone5 is waiting on a new chipset. An improved more energy efficient 4G LTE chip for use on Verizon’s new fast network would be a key feature. A hybrid chip that can handle both GSM/CDMA networks to allow Apple to product one type of iPhone is another possibility.

  1. April 18th, 2011

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