iPad 2 Launch Review and Some Other Notes

–  MoD will be honest that we were stunned by the long lines for the iPad 2 launch this weekend. MoD figured that there would be volume sales on the opening weekend but nothing like the summer launch of a new iPhone product line. Apple isn’t announcing sales numbers, and I’d imagine that nothing concrete will be announced until Apple’s 2011  Q1 numbers (FY 2011 Q2 for Apple) are announced during their earnings call.  Analysts are going to throw out all kinds of wild estimates from the weekend’s sales ranging from 500k to 1 million. One thing is clear that by Sunday the iPad was sold out at all retail locations.

Why was the demand so big?

1. Unlike iPhone sales, carrier restrictions or limitations play a limited role. When reading how Android tablets will overtake the iPad, always remind yourself that tablets are a different product and Apple does not need  the same level of carrier cooperation to distribute the iPad. Also, vendors hoping that carrier subsidies will allow them to reach Apple’s price points may find customers prefer purchasing unlocked iPads instead and purchasing pay as you need them data plans for their devices with no contracts.

2. Unlike iPhone sales, customers are not waiting for their 2 year contract to expire.

3. Last point and this should scare the iPad competitors to death, this wasn’t just a mass gathering of die hard Apple groupies buying the next Apple product or a massive wave existing iPad users upgrading. According to reported survey results, 70% of the customers were new to the iPad. And from all reviews, the change in form factor and internal chip sets has made this iPad an even better buy, and the percentage of 32 GB and 64 GB devices is on the increase potentially further helping Apple’s margins.

– Some other notes

MoD asked the creator of the great iPhone 5 mockups to do one more using the aluminum iPhone 5 image. Here’s what a big screen aluminum back iPhone might look like.

Looks pretty good. Looks like the iPad’s phone cousin.

– Apple event on April 13th to demo and announce new iOS 5 and MobileMe? According to a German Mac rumor site, that’s exactly what’s going to happen with a media event of the latest greatest iPad/iPhone OS along with the long awaited upgrades/changes to Apple’s MobileMe product. The changes are expected to provide the baseline service for free (giving Apple an answer to GMail), and then additional services such as iTunes data storage. iOS 5 and MobileMe could easily be interconnected with a host of new features in the OS taking advantage of the new MobileMe.

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