iPad 2 Event – What was missing

So what was missing from yesterday’s keynote.

– No signs of a MobileMe update.

MoD is now of two minds when it comes to the MobileMe update/expansion.

One mind is now predicting that the total revamp of MobileMe is going to be tied much closer to the iOS 5 launch/OS X Lion launch. Both OSes are going to have major hooks to this new cloud initiative. Now we may see a basic free service rolled out to test the new data center, and then have a much bigger launch with a host of new features.

The other mind sees the MobileMe expansion being tied to a host of improvements and features related to iTunes content. The ability to “store” your iTunes content will certainly help a variety of iOS devices.

– iOS 5 details. Now MoD made a misstep predicting iOS 5 details at this event. Never distract from the primary product being introduced by releasing something else. So it would be appear that Apple is going to dedicate a separate event in the early April time frame. With WWDC scheduled potentially for June, that will give developers the requisite time to update their applications for iO5 five. iPad and iPhone specific improvements are needed to keep Apple’s advantage going. If there’s little movement on iOS 5 this spring, then the question will arise if Apple has the OS talent to deploy and bug fix major iOS and OS X releases in the same calendar quarter (Snow Leopard doesn’t really count). The last time that Apple attempted this feat, Leopard was pushed out 3 or 4 months to get iPhone out the door. Now, an iOS 5 event in April could be Apple’s media PR weapon against the next batch of opposing tablets, highlighting the value of iOS updates to the iPad lineup.

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