New MacBook Pros are Coming!!!

It seems a foregone conclusion that new MacBook Pros are coming this Thursday, but at this point there’s a lot of speculation and no real details on the changes coming.

So let’s do some guess work

Going to Happen

– New MacBook Pros will have Intel’s new Sandy Bridge architecture processors.

– New MacBooks Pros will have variants that use the same solid state storage architecture as the MacBook Air.  It’s hard to tell if customers will have a choice of conventional HDs with greater storage or solid state storage with all the improvements that design brings.

– New MacBooks Pros will have improved screen resolutions.

– New MacBooks Pros will not have Blu-Ray drives or USB 3.o ports.


– The current design of the MacBook Pros hasn’t really changed for 3 years. It’s still in many ways one of the best looking laptops on the market, but a complete redesign to reduce weight, reduce thickness, and increase battery life could happen. This redesign might use the new liquidmetal patents Apple acquired or could be Apple’s first foray into using carbon fiber materials into laptop structures.

– Lightpeak – Apple and Intel have been working on this super fast connectivity port for the last two years. An Intel demo demonstrated the 10 Gbps capability and it has the necessary bandwidth to carry Video (HDMI or DisplayPort), Storage (USB, SATA, or Firewire), networking (Ethernet) over one cable or port. Lightpeak would have one cable connecting to a port replicator/docking station that provides all the various ports that laptops need. Apple could break with the legacy ports and move to LightPeak ports require adaptor cables. But moving to a laptop with just two ports (power and Lightpeak) sounds like something Apple would do. Apple even has a new patent detailing a combo power/Lightpeak port. Imagine your MacBook Pro power brick with adaptor ports on for video and storage.

– Price drop? Apple surprised everyone with the aggressive pricing of the updated Macbook Air, it’s possible that we could see improved pricing along the MacBook Pro line. Apple’s been making great headway in laptop sales, and could increase that momentum with a clear improvement in the price/value proposition.

Rumored but unlikely

– Expandable bay for DVDs/Hard Drives. Now this might makes sense if Apple only offers solid state storage. The bay configuration could allow for a high capacity hard drive for every most computing activities. Imagine a MacBook Pro with 128 GB for system software and applications and then the ability to add a 500 GB internal drive, and the ability to swap out the hard drive for a DVD drive when needed. Now this sounds like a great idea, but it doesn’t sound very much like an Apple idea.

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