3.6 Million Reasons the iPhone is coming to Verizon

Tracking back 5 quarters to Q2 2009, AT&T has added over 3.6 million new activations over primary rival Verizon.

So during this year and quarter when Android has been according to many tech pundits stealing momentum from the iPhone, the primary US carrier pushing Android Verizon (with the alleged superior network) has been unable to match AT&T’s growth in new subscribers. And by summer of 2009 Verizon has had a solid lineup of Android devices to attract customers, and customer after customer has had their initial iPhone contracts expire with AT&T to allow a  move to Verizon.

3.6 million x 24 months x 80 bucks a month (pretending for a moment that those folks are iPhone customers) means that there are probably $6.9 billion reasons for Verizon and Apple to come to an agreement on the iPhone.

Also, most estimates place the potential iPhone pool among Verizon’s existing base of customers at around 12 to 14 million customers. That’s another potential $35 billion in revenue over a two year period for Verizon, and $8.4 billion in revenue for Apple. Billions of reasons for Apple and Verizon to sign a deal.

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