Thoughts on new MacBook Air

MoD will be honest, we thought that the MacBook Air was going to be end of life’d.  Between the 13inch MacBook Pros and the iPad, there didn’t appear to be a need for the MacBook Air any longer.

Well Apple apparently had some other ideas. And in this new MacBook Air are signs of a new generation of Mac laptops that are going to have key competitive advantages that other laptops manufacturers are going to have a horrible time matching.

The change to solid storage seems like such a small simple step, and manufacturers are offering this option with Solid State Drives that are available. But what Apple has done is very different. They are not using packaged SSDs from Western Digital or Hitachi or Seagate. Apple is taking the raw Flash solid state memory that they purchase en masse from Samsung and taking that memory to create the “hard drive” for the new MacBook Air. This ram chip takes up far less room than a conventional hard drive, and also outperforms the thin low aspect hard drives Apple used in the previous MacBook Air versions. Those drives were also less powerful than the normal laptop hard drives. (which were too thick for the MacBook Air).

Apples new set of laptop features;

Apple’s increased space inside their laptops for a bigger battery providing more capacity across their laptop line up. Battery life is the key feature in laptop usage.

Apple’s migrating to Solid State memory with the benefits that provides; reliability (Solid state memory is far more reliable than conventional platter hard drives), energy reductions (more Battery life), and speed. In addition, Apple is migrating to Solid State memory at a price point no one else in the computing industry will be able to match. Apple purchases more Flash ram than any other vendor in the world for use in their millions of iPad/iPhones/iPods. Ever wonder why no one could ever really significantly undercut Apple on price for the iPod? Apple’s virtual control of the Flash ram market was a huge part of that advantage. Using this price advantage, Apple will switch over their entire lineup of laptops to Flash ram. The beauty of this transition is that it will cause Apple to buy even more Flash ram increasing their price advantage for all of their equipment. It’s a great cycle for Apple. Witness the price points that Apple achieved with this new MacBook Air.

All Apple laptops will have this fast boot capability and “instant on” feature as well as excellent standby time.

Apple also controls the operating system for the laptops. Anyone think that new OS X Lion won’t include updates/improvements to take advantage of solid state memory. Again, more performance improvements and potential battery life savings.

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