Back to the Mac Event

Apple has announced a media event for October 20th. Here’s the invite image from Engadget

The event is loaded with intrigue for several reasons beyond the obvious direction of the event (Mac)

1. Apple hasn’t held a major media event after the iPod/Music focused September event since that iPod event become locked on the Apple calendar. It’s only two days after Apple earnings call where Apple is expected to announce big iPhone 4 and iPad sales. Now Apple has refreshed hardware in October before, and then locks down their lineup for the rest of Q4. Apple announces this lock down on products every year, so customers won’t hold off making holiday purchases thinking something new might be coming. Those prior hardware refreshes have never been worthy of an Apple media event. So we might see some hardware refresh for MacBooks/MacBook Pros nothing more than spec enhancements though. There’s only one piece of Apple hardware dying for a major revamp, the MacBook Air. With the advent of the iPad, you have to wonder if the MacBook Air is still relevant. A brand new MacBook Air will need to establish some new raison d’etre, weight and battery life stats go to the iPad.

2. Apple has already confirmed the event will feature a sneak preview of the next major Mac OS release. Why pre-announce a new version of OSX? Apple may simply be in a position where waiting until WWDC 2011 mid year is too late. iPad 4.0 release is coming in November, and we will soon be hearing rumors There have been rumors of two WWDCs one for iOS and one for OSX, more likely though is two WWDCs events with iOS and OSX becoming more and more integrated.

3. Hidden behind the Apple logo is an image of a Lion. Since the launch of OS X , Apple has been using big cat names as the code names for their OS releases (Cheetah/Jaguar/Panther/Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard). Apple is close to running out of big cat names (10.8 Cougar is screaming for an SNL parody), but is there any added meaning  to the King of Cats being used now? Does the King of Cats require a brand new number, is OS XI about to be unveiled?

4. Now the Apple icon is tilted to show the Lion and making the Apple icon 3 dimensionalApple’s played around with 3-D desktop patents in the past.

This link from an Apple patent application showing a 3D desktop for instance.

Could we see a whole new desktop paradigm moving beyond the 2 dimensional desktop?

5. While number 4 sounds cool, the likely option is a thorough meaningful integration of multi-touch into the OS. MoD has been talking about this transition all year. It would not be a shock at all if the demo of the new Mac OS was done via the Magic TrackPad. In fact, credit to for the idea, the entire background image of the invite seems to be a trackpad. In addition, as applications become more mature for the iPad, wouldn’t developers want some way to share code/GUI with the desktop counterparts? Omnifocus from Omni group is a clear example of an application where the developer could see reduced costs by sharing code. Mail for OSX, should look like Email for the iPad.

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