So What Will Happen Tomorrow?

First big news is that Apple will be providing a video stream over the Internet of the tomorrow’s media event. This marks the first time in forever (PowerMac G5 launch shown at Apple stores?) that an Apple keynote type event is being made available live over the net. Does this change signify anything about tomorrow news? Well let’s jump into what will happen first.

iPod Touch that is feature equivalent to the iPhone 4 with Retina display, Facetime and Video recording Cameras, and new processors is a sure fire lock.

iPod Nano that is much smaller and providing more features to a shuffle sized device seems to be a lock as well. MoD thinks it will lose the Video camera option (never thought that was really popular for the Nano), but will be the ultimate small (gym, activity) MP3 player.

iTunes is going to receive a slew of updates. The only real question is what is Apple going to do with streaming/cloud access to your iTunes library? That’s the next killer feature, and from all reports it’s not ready yet.

Now like most folks, MoD believes that Apple will launch a new Apple TV or iTV. The device that Engadget leaked two months ago, would have little physical storage and be more reliant upon streaming. Streaming the media event, and a streaming dependent hardware device? Seems way too coincidental. Is it possible Apple has some new streaming/caching technology (instant streaming/higher quality-lower bandwidth) it will announce that application developers can leverage for this device?

TV and film media content would be the obvious use for this technology. However, imagine family or multiplayer games using this device. A Clue game where there are literally hundreds of different mysteries available for download. Trivial pursuit with streaming video clues and again literally thousands of questions keeping the game fresh. Then you add the ability to compete online with these games. Before you ignore ideas like these old fashioned games like Clue, Words With Friends is played by millions of iPhone users and it’s basically Scramble. The iPod Touch/iPhones as remotes or controllers for this potential device has huge potential in the realm of casual gaming. Another possible content example could be video streaming video news magazine. Something like the Epicurious magazine streaming to your TV with videos and interactive features. Or the really holy grail of why folks keep cable, sports. ABC/ESPN sports channel streaming content from all of their programming contracts. iAd integration seems like a natural for all of these hypothetical examples.

Now, Apple will need to demonstrate a SDK that current iPad/iPhone developers can leverage to push this device beyond the current AppleTV. In addition, we’re talking about some new interface and remote control paradigm. It will be an iOS device in terms of Core OS guts, not in terms of multi-touch look. Apple will need to build iOS apps for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to seamlessly integrate with this new device.

There could be a huge thud with this new device, or Apple could unleash an iPhone like category changing device. It’s all going to come down to the overall GUI (MoD’s Comcast DVR is absolutely horrible), initial at launch feature set,  and the feature expansion possibilities through 3rd party software.

Think back to the iPhone Keynote.

It’s a phone, an iPod, and portable internet device.

Now imagine the iTV section of tomorrow’s presentation

It’s a media content delivery device -Netflix/Hulu/Sports/TV/Movies, it’s a family/casual gaming device, and an Internet content device. (Again, it’s time for the Apple’s catchphrase, “there’s an app for that”)

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