Rest of the Year Predictions!

Well my predictions from the start of this blog are available here and it’s now 7 months later so it’s time to refresh the list.

Verizon iPhone: Yes. Announced in late September, shipping in mid November. CDMA only iPhone 4- different model. Verizon by November will have updated their network to allow for simultaneous voice and data. CDMA version will then be used in China as well.

T-Mobile iPhone: Yes, Announced in August, shipping early October. If this happens, it’s due to a relatively simple change for Apple to make the current iPhone 4 work on T-Mobile’s high speed 3G network.

Sprint iPhone: Not this year. 4G/3G iPad for 2011 is a definite possibility (a WiMax iPad would have a lot of potential customer appeal).

Streaming iTunes: Yes, announced at consumer event in September. Part of iTunes redesign. A big feature of this service will be Pandora like element of introducing customers to music that they don’t have but would be suggested for them. Selectable playlists available for purchase.

AppleTV 2: No. The iOS based iPad without a screen, is not quite ready yet. The iOS team is probably slammed getting iPad 4.0 out the door, so the odds of another iOS device this fall seem pretty slim (considering that the AppleTV will add more changes to the iOS SDK to develop applications for big screens).  Could AppleTV 2 be the next big product announcement in January of 2011? Apple might be able leverage a massive Christmas quarter from the iPad to convince content folks/application developers (Hulu, Netflix, streaming iTunes) to sign onto their next new consumer device. And after the iPad’s launch would you bet against AppleTV 2 being a hit?

Apple branded TVs: No. I just don’t see this product ever happening from Apple.

New iPod Touch: Yes, announced at the same time event as iTunes streaming. Kind of an obvious guess. New design utilizing many of the same components as the iPhone 4. I think Apple may keep the thickness the same or very close to utilize all the photo/video components of the new iPhone 4. When you think about one of the iPod Touch’s main roles, it’s the vacation-traveling device which has gaming, music, and video.  Adding HD video recording and iMovie (vacation videos while you are still on vacation) makes sense as does improved camera which is good enough for most vacation type events. Finally a Facetime inward facing compatible camera would increase the total Facetime population, and increase use and adoption.

iPod Nano- Untouched save for price and storage.

New iLife for Mac seems all but announced with the leaked “For Dummies” style books already preannounced.

iLife for iPad: Yes. With the Camera Connect Kit, you can connect cameras with both still and video capability, so the iPad is badly missing iPhoto/iMovie. A version of iWeb customized for the iPad to work with major blogs and MobileMe also makes too  much. Announced at the same mini event where iOS 4 iPad edition is announced.

iOS 4 iPad Edition: The only question is whether it’s integrated into the consumer event in September or a separate event. New Features (not included in the iPhone 4.0 release)

  1. Printing: Yes (system level printing support for direct printing)
  2. Wireless File Syncing through iDisk: Yes (with local storage options)
  3. New Tabbed Browser for Safari: No (but Safari really needs it for iPad)
  4. Widget Application: No (will wait for the next iteration of iOS 4.0)
  1. August 9th, 2010

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