Hulu and Farmville on iOS – Two Huge Body Blows to Flash

The infamous FlashBlog post of the past is now proving to be more of a transition to iOS list.

If you asked any techblog/website or even casual user, the number one reason for Flash on the iPad was to watch Hulu. Everything else was a far distant second. Hulu has now launched their iOS apps for their subscription service (the days of free Hulu are dying on all platforms, the success of Netflix on the iPad is proving the viability of such subscription video models). Hulu clearly has been working on this product for a long time. You don’t just have a polished iOS app like Hulu’s overnight. What was the holdup on this launch, probably getting all the networks to finally sign off on the launch. And the 3 million iPads sold in 80 days was probably the last push needed to get the contracts signed to allow the launch.

Now if Hulu was the flagship for video content that was Flash only, then Farmville was the flagship Flash gaming application. Now that has been released for the iOS. Now the MoD does not play Farmville and does not understand the appeal. However, millions of individuals play it, so you cannot just ignore the phenomenon. iOS gaming was already surpassing Flash by a wide margin, and losing the exclusivity of Farmville is only going to hurt Flash.

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