WWDC Keynote Prediction Recap

The tech pundits are going to say that this was a very tepid WWDC keynote from Jobs with very little unexpected happening at all.

And for once they are right. The iPhone prototype escape both in the US and elsewhere reduced the big reveal of the new phone to an anti-climatic moment. Jobs bravado in email leading up to WWDC had led some folks to believe that perhaps a big new reveal would appear, but it was nowhere to be found. So how did MoD do in predicting the event?

–  3 out of 4 on our “certain to happen list” occurred, which one did the MoD flat out miss?

“Increased MobileMe integration with iPhone/iPad.”  Not a hint or sign of this at all.

The rest of our predictions played out as advertised. No mention of revamping iTunes. No new Mac hardware. No mention of Verizon or Sprint iPhone.

But in the last week something interesting has happened to our two out of left field predictions.

1.  A new AppleTV OS based on the iPhone OS (now iOS core). 3 days after making this wild ass prediction out of nowhere Engadget broke a real rumor. Just as the MoD predicted if this rumor is true the new Apple TV will be based on the new iOS (iPhone/iPad) and would be basically a stripped down iPad without a display. In addition, this new device would have 1080p output, a small amount of solid state memory (with the ability to add more storage via USB). This device would also be able to access iTunes content in the cloud. Engadget also suggests that the new Apple TV would have an SDK for developers (a no brainer they call it, and MoD completely agrees). This new device with an App Store and the possibility of quick porting of existing iPad apps to the new platform could make Apple TV less of a hobby and the next iOS device. This new device/OS was clearly not ready for primetime. However, this fall at a consumer focused event where iPod updates might not really generate much hype, this device along with the an overall iTunes cloud initiative would attract massive attention.

2. 10.7/OS XI/iOS. MoD figured that this rumor was at least a year away but two significant pieces fell into place recently. One, Engadget again had the scoop on a multi-touch interface device that uses Bluetooth. It’s basically a flat surface about 6 inches diagonally. (Cardboard facsimile image from Engadget provided for scale)

If Apple wanted to add multi-touch to high end iMacs/Mac Pros for use with a fully integrated multitouch OS, this is exactly the kind of device that you would sell to upgrade those desktop Macs .

Second, iPhone OS is now iOS. The name change seems simple but also represents an integrated OS for use with iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and possibly “Macs”.  MoD will ignore the implications if you can still call a computer a Mac if it runs iOS (this seems pretty trivial but that’s a massive brand name to lose). What would iOS for Macs actually be?? Complete backwards compatibility with Mac apps, but ready for the multi-touch future. This is the kind of transition that Apple has managed well in the past (68K to PPC) and recently (PPC to Intel). iPad apps are really proving the potential of true multi-touch desktop class applications. This integrated iOS future is now there for Apple to develop and introduce next year at WWDC, giving developers perhaps 12 months to move their applications to the new OS.

  1. July 24th, 2010

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