Google Strikes Apple!! Or Does it?

There’s been a lot of articles about how Google has leaped over Apple with the variety of announcements from I/O conference. Now presuming that the MoD takes that claim at face value, which is a huge leap considering that the WWDC is about two weeks away. Is it really Google versus Apple as everyone is claiming?

MoD argues that the real losers at the Google I/O conference were

1. Microsoft- Not much more to do than quote Daring Fireball here

“Google’s competitive focus on the iPhone at I/O was intense and scathing. But it’s Microsoft’s lunch they’re eating. Apple’s and RIM’s game is selling the integrated whole — their own devices, running their own software. Google is playing Microsoft’s game — licensing a platform to many device makers.”

MS’s key vendors for their future WinPhone7 OS are almost all Android vendors. While waiting for WinPhone7, Android’s frequent and relentless path of OS updates having to be tying up resources both engineering and software away from future WinPhone7 phones. Is ironically WinPhone7 going to end up being the mobile equivalent of OS/2 Warp? And the cratering of the Windows Mobile worldwide market share continues. It’s now down to 7 percent. By September/October the projected release of the new OS, Windows Mobile could be down to a Palm WebOS like 2 or 3 percent (US market is showing the same erosion of marketshare it could be under 10% by September). There are no signs of it officially, but it has to scare MS how easily HTC could decide to focus only on Android.

2. Nokia: The lumbering Finnish giant continues to have their smartphone market share eroded down to a worldwide (it’s pointless to talk about Nokia’s tiny US marketshare) number of 44.6%, and Android’s international market reach is continuing to grow. Google’s free OS policy and free cloud applications are going to create the kind of cheap smartphones that is the sweet territory that Apple will probably never chase and where Nokia’s growth lives right now. Nokia’s multiple OS strategy continues to look dubious at best. Google will continue to provide high quality apps to Android and Apple’s app store is not losing any momentum (iPad software revenues are simply increasing the reasons to program for iPhone)

3. RIM: RIM’s glacial OS development pace compared to Apple’s looked like  a real liability. Now, RIM has two opponents pushing the envelope in OS development. Apple with a consistent every year new iPhone OS strategy (every release increasing the enterprise readiness of the device), and Android pushing out updates every 3 to 6 months. If the new slider big screen Bold and RIM 6 are not a massive hits, and Apple unleashes a Verizon smartphone, RIM could easily be in 4th place in the world market behind (Nokia, Apple and Android) by year’s end and their lead in the US (currently 16 percentage points) halved if not completely reduced.

4. Palm/HP: HP is making great noise about putting Web OS in printers/tablets/netbooks. There’s zero talk of new phones though. Google’s going to extend Android/Chrome OS to every type of devices possible Web TV clients (Google TV), Tablets, netbooks. The same territory that HP is projecting for WebOS. Especially Tablet wise Apple is establishing some clear terra firma, for the rest of 2010 it’s hard to imagine 2 different OSes (and trying to explain the benefits of those OSes) being able to make too much traction.

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