Apple Lost Another Prototype iPhone?

In the last five years, Apple has lost zero prototype devices. None. In the last ten weeks, Apple appears to have lost two prototypes devices.

This time the location is Vietnam of all places (the geographical proximity to China where the iPhone 4G is almost certainly being built is notable. If it’s the same Foxconn Shenzen factory in Southern China near Macau, then Vietnam make even more sense.).  The iPhone appears to be further along in the final production cycle than the infamous brewhaus Gizmodo iPhone, lending more credence to the supposition that this is an early production model that has walked out of the factory. The alleged story of buying the iPhone while visiting the US sounds like pure misdirection to the MoD’s trained propaganda ears.

The story of Gizmodo’s purchase of a prototype phone might have led to this second iPhone defection. Now that a market has been set of around $5,000 American, it’s easy to imagine that amount of cash would be a huge incentive for someone working at Foxconn.

The rational side of the MoD says that this is simply the hype over Apple products finally catching up to the company, that and some bad luck.

So anything new from this iPhone prototype?

The main processor appears to be an Apple designed chip, an A4, just like the iPad. The iPad is extremely impressive in terms of speed/battery life. Using this chip may give the iPhone HD (current rumored name) a significant boost in both categories. One that other cell phone manfacturers will be not be able to just copy since the chipset is exclusive to Apple. Previously, competitors could copy the chipset that the iPhone purchased from Samsung. Now it won’t be as simple to create an Android competitor to the new iPhone at least from a silicon standpoint.

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