So The New iPhone is Real

Moving beyond the shock and awe over a trusted Apple employee basically getting tanked at a brewhaus and losing a working 4th Gen iPhone prototype to an eager web technology blog, what does the MoD think of the new iPhone?

– The updated camera with flash is going to make a lot of reviewers happy. The iPhone’s current camera already outshoots other cellphone cameras with higher megapixels. More megapixels and a flash for lower light settings are only going to make the iPhone an even better camera platform.

– The other camera facing inwards for video conferences primarily is an interesting addition. Now internationally, cell phone carriers especially in Europe should be ready for this device, but why is MoD doubting that not able to support tethering AT&T will not be ready for this feature? Will AT&T disable this new cool feature?

– Gizmodo indicates that the battery is larger than the current phone. It seems obvious to say that this new phone will feature better battery life, but has Apple increased their power management capabilities to further extend battery life? In addition, the main processor has yet to be revealed, just like the iPad has created their own silicon design to enhance performance and energy usage?

– The new ceramic/glass back to the case will it provide superior radio reception? Improved cellular radio reception would eliminate a common complaint on the iPhone.

– The new form factor and overall look seems like a natural complement to the iPad/MacBook Pro. The iPhone now just looks like the phone relative of the iPad/MacBook Pro.

Combine this new form factor with the new iPhone 4.0 OS and if the price point remains in the same range, Apple may have their best phone product to date. AT&T may keep phone exclusivity but this phone seems ready to compete with any Android phone on the Verizon network.

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