Best iPad Case Ever?

MoD is watching patiently for April 3rd to acquire an iPad, and provide the Ministry’s in depth review of the device. One disappointing aspect on Saturday will be that the ubercool iPad case the MoD has ordered will not be ready yet.

If you have never been to, MoD highly recommends the trip. The overall philosophy of the site is fascinating. Quirky chooses products to develop and asks for design and feature feedback/input through their website. A product then needs so many commitments before going into production. MoD had not heard of Quirky before going hunting for a iPad case.

The Cloak by Quirky seems to have everything you’d want in an iPad case. So what features make this case so great?

1. An adjustable front cover that doubles as a landscape stand for the device. This front cover adjusts to a number of angles for better viewing, and use of the device.

2. It also has a a handy stand built into the back for use in portrait mode.

3. Finally it just looks great.

MoD will be sure to give a review of the Cloak case as soon as it arrives in early May.

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