It’s the Software Stupid

Quick post on the importance of software designer’s taking advantage of the whole new environment that is the iPad. Built for iPad software is going to be the real selling point for this device. It may take a while 3 to 6 months after the iPad gets into the hands of developers for those applications to arrive en masse. MoD previously highlighted Panelfly’s Comic reader which gave a great view into the iPad as comics reader

Edible Apple posts some mockup images of the 1Password software application,1Password is a great application that stores usernames and passwords for  logins of all varieties,  updated for the iPad.

The application is very reminiscient of the Address Book application that Apple has designed for the iPad. Which makes sense since it’s a warehouse of passwords like the Address Book is a warehouse of contacts. You have a clear functions/category menu on the left side, and the rest of the screen is split for navigation and display based upon which function/category the user chooses. It’s all designed to be multi-touch friendly.  The designers of 1Password have done a great job using the new space.

Here’s a image of the 1Password iPhone application.

It’s a good representative iPhone application using navigation links at the bottom, and command buttons at the top. It’s clean and simple for a small screen. In this image, you see the user has already moved to the info entry screen (add new logins) from a previous listing of logins screen. But graphically it does not look the new iPad version of the software.

One last comparison here’s 1Password for the Mac and then 1Password for iPad in landscape format. The applications are similar, but still very different. iPad version uses the floating menu for additional functionality, while the Mac version relies upon the standard “cog” icon for accessing additional features.

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