Confirmation of iPad OS on Intel Macs?

MoD suggested recently that Apple might consider offering the iPad OS on Intel Machines as a kind of easier to use option as well as potentially superior battery life option.

Well the New York Times Technology Blog, seems to be indicating that Apple is considering that very move or at the very least the that the iPad OS presents that kind of option.

“A former senior Apple engineer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidentiality agreements signed while an employee, explained that adding full multitouch to OS X would require a hefty redesign of many components in the code. “It’s one thing to add multitouch to a few applications, implementing the ability to pinch and zoom from the trackpad on the laptop with the Preview application,” the engineer said. “But it’s a whole different story if you want to implement these technologies on the desktop, or globally on OS X. An easier approach, the Apple engineer indicated, would be to add the iPhone OS as a layer on top of OS X, similar to Apple’s Front Row experience.”

The author Nick Bilton’s main argument is that the simplicity of the iPad OS is what most folks need from computers not the sophistication of Windows 7 or Snow Leopard. Bilton is suggesting that Apple create a whole new desktop OS from the iPad OS and that the iPad OS is Apple’s chance to start from scratch and move beyond OS X in terms of creating a super easy OS to use. This OS would also be super secure and potentially virus proof. Obviously, Apple would need to fill in a number of features, for example one of the features missing from the iPad OS right now is a multi-user mode.

If Bilton’s former engineer is right, WWDC might see a demo of this new OS. WWDC would be the perfect venue for Apple to demo a super iPad OS with enhanced multi-touch that is the future of both mobile and desktop computing.

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