No iPad at MWC or MacWorld Expo

Now initially this should come as no surprise at all, Apple was not giving a keynote at either event and does not have a presence at either event like a booth.

But what would it have cost Apple to have sent some product and marketing folks to either event with a number of iPads for the media/expo attendees to look at and use?  The product announcement has happened. The reveal is finished. There’s no secretive buzz to protect. And even Apple has admitted that it faces a unique marketing challenge getting customers to recognize the niche the iPad fills. So why not get the device in front of as many folks as possible as early as possible?

The technology news cycle is all about Windows Phone Series 7 (Who are the ads wizards who came up with that name) and understandably considering MS’ massive gamble with their new OS. The other major news stories are the new Samsung phone and OS and the consortium of companies all agreeing to build one unified app store for cell phones (supporting multiple OSes).

How could Apple have lessened/redirected  all this media attention? An iPad demo at MWC, a repeat of the media event with a chance to use the devices afterwards would have attracted all kinds of media attention. The general consensus of commentators is that the iPad needs to be used to be understood fully, this demo would have been a chance to get the devices in the hands of the media again or for the first time.

At MacWorld Expo, Apple has made a big point of not participating, but really all they did was hurt themselves. The crowd was smaller, there were less vendors, but a simple iPad demo event with a chance to use the device would again have been a wonderful “peace offering” to the exhibition. The Expo wasn’t demanding that Apple have a keynote event or a big product release. Apple could have performed this demo and not committed to having a large booth. But re-unveiling the device to the vendors present (iPhone app creators, and iPhone accessory creators) could have done zero harm, and in addition the Expo attendees are also a prime evangelist pool.

The boost from both events would seem to far outweigh any negatives. Again, I’m not talking about a huge booth presence, simply demo’ing the iPad and then a brief opportunity for attendees to access/play with the device. Unless….

The iPad media event was only a taste of what is to come from the device. The event really focused on the hardware if you recall, and the niche the device would fill. Software was featured but not to the degree it was during the iPhone launch. In addition, after the iPhone announcement and in the months leading up to the release, Apple released more and more Quicktime movies detailing all the features of the original iPhone and OS. So far all we have 3 weeks later is the same limited content on, the keynote video and the product introduction video. There are not even videos of the new iWork applications, the new Mail application, the  Calendar application, or the Address Book.

Is Apple waiting for their iPhone OS 4 event to really go in depth into the software of the device? Why the wait? As I mentioned before it could be that the iPad and new iPhone share a feature set that Apple wants to keep quiet? It could be that Apple is waiting on some key 3rd party developers to develop some content examples?

The iPhone OS 4 event is for now just pure blog fiction at this point. It’s hinted at, presumed even (at least by this site). Still no word from Apple, no rumored invitations, and we’re at the six week mark until the product release based on the media event. Subtract another week or so to give Apple’s favorite journalists a week with the device to write reviews before launch, and the iPhone OS 4 event has 5 weeks left to occur. Maybe, I’m wrong and Apple will wait for their WWDC conference to demo the new software features inside iPhone OS 4. It just seems like that the iPad is screaming for one more public viewing that takes you further into the capabilities of the OS.

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