More European iPad News

In other iPad European news, Austrian wireless carrier Hutchison is already planning to offer a subsidized bundle for those buying an iPad and signing a two year data plan contract. In fact, Hutchison is not even waiting on the iPad 3G model, but offering this bundle with a Wifi 3G modem included. So already, one of my predictions from Total Speculation: iPad/iPhone is coming true. iPad subsidies through 3G service contracts. In addition, Fortune referencing an article from The Independent is reporting more interest in the iPad in Europe.

The Independent reports that five major mobile carriers — Telefonica (TEF), Hutchison, Vodafone (VOD), France Telecom and T-Mobile (DT) — are vying for the rights to sell 3G wireless coverage in Europe. Each is reported to have had board-level discussions with Cupertino. Said one source: “All the players will be speaking to Apple.”

While Jobs was only able to announce prepaid plans through AT&T at the iPad launch event. European vendors are lining up for the rights to the device, and the possibility of more subsidized offers exist. And AT&T still has several months to roll out their own subsidy offer on the 3G iPad to compete with the month to month no contract service pricing.

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