MWC 2010 – Android Attack and Other Issues?

Other Questions before Mobile World Congress

1. Based on current smartphone momentum, I really expected MWC to be  something like Android World Congress, but apparently the slate is being cleared to provide WinMo7 with as much spotlight as possible. Recent  reports indicate Android’s presence at this event is going to pretty limited with several expected vendors deciding to not show devices (HTC, Sony Ericcson, and Samsung). However, several Chinese cell phone manufacturers still will be demoing devices.

2.  At least MS is allegedly demoing a new OS. Blackberry OS 6 is nothing but a rumor and the Blackberry OS continues to look further and further dated.  The Storm 2 OS clearly represents the future of Blackberry, but improved browsing and media functionality is desperately needed. And how does Blackberry fully integrate their OS between their full screen touchscreen model (Storm 2) and their classic screen/keyboard model (Bold/Tour)? Blackberry’s numbers are still on the rise due to the combination of Blackberry Enterprise Server and cheap Blackberry devices (Curve,Bold). Blackberry does not appear to have a slider phone on the horizon as their new phones seem more evolutionary updates to Pearl and Tour. How long can Blackberry continue with this approach? Especially with Apple and Android gaining a massive application advantage.

3. What will Nokia demo? Nokia appears to be following an insane two OS approach with both Symbian and Maemo. We will see the first real Maemo device to challenge the iPhone and Android? Nokia is rumored to be releasing upwards of 6 Maemo based phones in 2010. After 2.5 years of not having a competitor against Apple’s flagship product in the US, is this the year Nokia finally makes their presence felt?

4. Samsung’s OS. Bada as it is called. Other than the WinMo 7 launch/demo the biggest new event at MWC could be the presentation of a Bada smartphone. Lots of questions surround this OS? Can the smartphone market really support another OS, and more specifically can Apps developers support multiple operating systems?

4. Palm Web OS: Palm has already released the Pre Plus and the Pixie Plus with updated internal specs and WiFi for both devices. Does Palm have something else in their lineup? A slider more in the size of the Android? A full touchscreen device with virtual keyboard? Palm’s 4th quarter sales’ numbers could be ugly with the surge of Android devices during the 4th quarter.

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