iPad Impressions- Charlie Rose Show

Actual impressions of the iPad from folks who have used the device have been few and far between since the massive post event media blitz.

Last Thursday though, the Charlie Rose show featured a round table discussion between Walt Mossberg from the WSJ, David Carr from New York Times, and Michael Arrington from TechCrunch.

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Mossberg provides some interesting quotes,

“First of all, I think people who are focused on the hardware — they say, you know, it just looks like a big iPhone  are missing the key thing here. The key thing here is going to be the software and the services that it will deliver… The other thing I will say is, from the short time I’ve used it, it feels great in the hand, it’s wicked fast — I mean it’s really fast — and it has software flourishes that are more like a Mac… than they are like an iPhone.”

Arrington was very positive about the device indicating that he couldn’t wait to buy one.

David Carr had probably the best line to describe the device, “One thing you have to understand about this gadget is that the gadget disappears pretty quickly. You’re looking into pure software.”

All 3 columnists felt like the device would be a hit for Apple.

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