Omni Groups Jumps Onboard The iPad App Bandwagon

Well it took exactly 3 days for a big time Apple OS X developer to decide that Apple might have something with their new device. And it wasn’t a Game developer, instead long time OS X application pioneers OmniGroup (OmniGroup’s expertise goes all the way back to NextStep. OmniWeb was the only browser that would work on Rhapsody, OS X embryonic development OS.)

Directed to their site by a post on MacRumors, OmniGroup has announced that they are bringing their suite of top end productivity applications to the iPad. Currently, Omni only has one application for the iPhone, a port of their very popular and effective OmniFocus (a great GSD application).  The iPhone version has won a number of awards, and syncs with the desktop version.

So why is this important? Let’s review the applications.

1. OmniPlan: project planning application that allows the user to Import and Export MS Project files.

2. OmniGraffle: Omni’s great diagramming application which provides Import of standard MS Visio files, and allows you to also export to Visio’s XML format.

3. OmniFocus: Omni’s great GTD application. Which also happens to integrate into iCal as well.

4. OmniOutliner: Omni’s innovative note taking and organization application. Think of this as the ultimate meeting note taking application. It also supports exporting to Word as well.

5. OmniGraphSketcher: Graphing application that can produce quick graphs for presentations and documents. Allows for you to import data from MS Excel.

We’ve already seen how Apple had re-designed Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for the new iPad paradigm. Those 3 applications seemed to provide a basic MS Office functionality for the iPad business Road Warrior. The iPad’s versions of iCal/Mail/and Contacts (Address Book)  already support MS Exchange out of the box.

Now, we have OmniGroup providing functionality for MS Project, MS Excel for easier graphical presentations, MS Visio flow charts, and porting a world class meeting/note taking application. So Office Professional functionality is coming to the iPad as well as a best in class Getting Things Done- Personal Productivity software. And we haven’t even seen what Omni will be able to do to their apps in terms of ease of use within this new GUI model, and the early signs from the iWork demo by Apple were very encouraging.

So the iPad maybe end up on being the best media consumption device out there, but already it’s easy to see it becoming a viable mobile MS Office capable device.

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