iPad Battle Royale – Which Devices Are In Trouble

The iPad is allegedly neither iPod Touch, Kindle, or Netbook.

So which devices are in the most jeopardy of losing Sales to the iPad?

–  iPad  vs Kindle 1:

With the lower price (only $259) and huge battery life for reading (7 days according to Amazon), the original Kindle seems pretty safe from the iPad for now. Cheap single function devices should be okay.


–  iPad vs  Kindle DX:

Price difference between the devices is just $10 (Kindle DX is $489 v iPad at $499). Kindle DX is in big trouble without a price drop. The video watching and browsing experience with the iPad are the key functional killers for the Kindle DX


-iPad v MacBook Air:

Jobs is always talking about being fine when Apple products cannibalize other Apple products. However, the iPad seems to be a big time MacBook Air killer. The iPad is thin, light, and has fantastic battery life, and Apple has created an office suite for it. It’s the ultimate travel device. MacBook Air without a major revamp (4 Gigs of RAM at the very least) seems unnecessary.


-iPad v Macbook

The 400 dollar difference is the only thing making this a competition. The MacBook has a DVD drive and a full set of ports as well as OS X (and Windows if you want). However, the application catalog for the iPad could make this an interesting battle down the road. Call this battle for the MacBook for now.


iPad v Netbook HP 10 inch

So price goes to the NetBook, but only by $100. Both devices don’t have CD drives, and have 10 inch screens. The Netbook has an integrated web cam. The iPad wins in terms of weight and thickness. Also, the iPad should destroy the NetBook on battery life (still need to see that in some real tests). The Netbook only comes with 1 Gig of RAM which is not really enough to run Windows 7 and any recent version of MS Office with any efficiency. So once you upgrade the RAM to make it practical a big part of the price difference is removed. In addition, you will need to purchase spyware/virus software for the Netbook. The iPad’s closed eco system gives it even more Virus protection than even the Mac. Still, the Netbooks runs the vast catalog of Windows applications. For now, until the iPad has a greater amount of software designed for the multi-touch environment, and the multi-tasking liability is removed, the NetBook wins. The NetBook’s biggest advantage was supposed to be cost, and the iPad is about $300 cheaper than most folks thought it would be.


– iPad v iPod Touch

This is the real case of Apple product eating Apple product alive. The price difference and pocketability are pretty much all the iPod Touch has going for it at this point. And those are admittedly big advantages. However, a lot of iPod Touches are in the hands of kids/tweens/teens who are going to find the bigger screen/mini laptopness of the iPad very appealing. This is a battle too close to call right now. iPod Touch should get a hardware upgrade this fall making this battle even closer. Really it gets down to portability versus screen size capability. iPod Touch barely, for now.


Final Score

iPad: 2

Other Devices: 4

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