Adobe In Defending Flash Makes Apple’s Point- UPDATED

Lee Brimelow, an Adobe evangelist, posted an amusing defense of Flash on the the Flash Blog today.

Essentially, Brimelow shows a bunch of web sites that utilize Flash, and with Flash disabled there are images of the sites with the familiar blue Lego like brick. So let’s breakdown the sites listed in his Blog.

– First off there’s Hulu, which as I mentioned in a previous article is perhaps the number one Flash related gap on the iPhone. Now, to be honest Hulu’s absence from the iPhone is more related to not creating an iPhone app than Flash not being there. Hulu apparently has built an application according to rumors, but that app has not been released. Hulu is about to become a pay site, and I bet once it becomes a subscription site, an iPhone app will appear or  a similar content subscription service will be available through iTunes.

Other than Hulu does Brimelow make a compelling argument? Let’s review the rest of the sites.

–  Farmville: No app to replace playing the game exists on the iPhone. Although, there are several apps related to Farmville on the App Store. Also, there are several Farmville like games on the iPhone as well. Is this really a gap?

– CNN: There’s a CNN Mobile iPhone app which has access to video content. Essentially an iPhone specific app to replace the web site Brimelow posted.

– Bang Brothers: Although he’s removed the photo, Brimelow linked to a porn site that uses Flash for their adult videos. Not really sure that Brimelow is helping his argument there.

–  FWA: There’s an iPhone app that covers the FWA photo aspect of their web site.

–  Addicting Games: Flash games. I think it’s clear that iPhone does not suffer from a lack of games (or free games). Listing this site, is pretty pointless.

–  Google Finance: There are 3 iPhone apps which provide the same features as the Google Finance Site.

–  Aviary : An image manipulator web site. There are at least a dozen image editing apps of all kinds on the iPhone.

–  Disney: There’s several Disney apps for the iPhone including one that provides video content.

–  Spongebob: There are 5 dedicated Spongebob games/apps for the iPhone.

So Brimelow’s only real Flash gap is the Bang Brothers, and if  a counter to that is really needed, Porn has been trying to get through the App Store since its’ creation


Daring Fireball has a new article talking about this very issue that the very examples presented by Adobe are already for the most part completely accessible on the iPhone without Flash being needed at all.

Here’s a great image from Kendall Helmstetter Gelner highlighting that point, including MobileSafari versions of the Websites.

  1. Wired is reporting Jobs as indicating that Flash will be killed by HMTL 5.
    I don’t think the odds of Flash getting onto the iPhone/iPad are doing anything but dropping

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