What Is Actually Missing From The iPad?

  1. Wireless printing APIs/Drivers. The iPad desperately needs access to print documents now that you have a real document editing suite of software available. Fortunately WiFi printing is becoming extremely popular. It’s easy to see someone sending you a Word document which you edit on Pages. Save. Then need to print.  UPDATE: There are several programs that provide printing to the iPhone, but none are system wide and provide all application access to print services.
  2. MobileMe data storage. MobileMe backup of the folder that you sync with the home computer. It’s fine if you don’t want to provide a true file browser, but at least provide Cloud storage for key files and documents. And natively sync those documents between iPad/MobileMe/home computer. The applications on the iPad should be able to access this folder depending upon their file type to replace the need for a file browser. Pages should see Word docs, Pages docs. Numbers XLS files. Keynote PPT files. UPDATE: According to Appleinsider this is all coming with the iPad and should extend to the iPhone.
  3. Email access to this synced “documents folder” on the iPad and to MobileMe shared folder. It’s not clear from any of the presentations that you will now have access to files/documents to send them as attachments inside Email. This is a must. Now I just saw a video of  Jobs talking to Walter Mossberg and they had an exchange where Steve said that Mossberg could write his review on the iPad in the Pages app, export it to Word, and then email it to his editors. So all this functionality maybe there, but it wasn’t demonstrated during the keynote.
  4. iPhoto.  Maybe they are leaving that space for a 3rd party to step in. But ideally, out of the box this device sould have a simple photo editing program. Again, this feature should be able to both update existing MobileMe galleries, and create new ones.
  5. Second 30pin dock port to allow the device to be docked in landscape mode . Also, if Apple is going to go the dongle route on video out, USB add connectivity, etc.  you really need two of these ports. One for power, one for expansion. Apple’s plugging the great battery life of this device, but if you are really going to use this as a road warrior type device you’ll have to have a dedicated power port.
  6. Wireless data transfer over WiFi and Bluetooth. This should be a capability built by Apple to work over Windows and Mac. There are all kinds of 3rd party apps that allow for this, but it should be there natively for the iPad.
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